Where can you buy xenotimes in the syria?

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FOV 0,3cm. Xenotime is a rare earth phosphate mineral, whose major component is yttrium orthophosphate (YPO4). It forms a solid solution series with chernovite- (Y) (YAsO4) and therefore may contain trace impurities of arsenic, as well as silicon dioxide and calcium. The rare earths dysprosium, erbium, terbium, and ytterbium, and metal elements ...
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What does xenotimes mean? Plural form of xenotime. (noun)
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However, the xenotimes from the giant Kalgoorlie deposits have generally lower U-contents and range to lower values (< 10 ppm U) than all other deposits. Further, excluding Grass Valley, > 98% of all analyses from all other deposits have U/Th < 4.0, in contrast to xenotimes from all other formation environments.
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The xenotimes with high U content (1246–8904 ppm) are comparable to metasomatic xenotime and hydrothermal xenotimes precipitated from high salinity ore fluids (Fig. 7c). Since the absence of ore deposits around this area and veins in our samples, it is possible that crustal fluids with high salinity were interacted with sediments under oxidized condition to elevate U and Eu contents in the ...
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The timing of crustal melting is known from U-Pb dating of magmatic monazites, xenotimes and uraninites, from both migmatitic leucosomes and leucogranite bodies. Noble & Searle (1995) obtained U-Pb ages of 20.6-19.5Ma from leucogranitic melt pods in migmatites from the Umasi-la and 20.8 +0.3 Ma from higher level leucogranitic melt pods at Shafat (Fig. 3).
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Verd antique is very similar in colour to the national gemstone of Ireland, Connemara marble.Connemara marble differs from the verd antiques in that it is an actual marble, rather than a serpentinite breccia, despite also having a very high serpentine content. It is named after the region in the western part of the country in which it is quarried (including Lissoughter in Recess, County Galway ...
Named by James D. Dana in 1850 for George Thomas Bowen [March 19, 1803 Providence, Rhode Island - October 25, 1828 Nashville, Tennessee], chemist and mineralogist and professor at University of Nashville. A variety of Antigorite. Originally described from Dexter Quarry (Dexter Lime Quarry), Lime Rock, Lincoln, Providence Co., Rhode Island, USA ...
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Most exceptionally, stibiotantalites have far higher specific gravity (SG) values, 7.34 to 7.46, than sphalerites (and most other gemstones, for that matter). So, if you find a very dense, pyroelectric, transparent, highly birefringent, and fiery earth-toned faceted gem, you might have a very rare stibiotantalite in hand.
Datolite is the second described mineral in the gadolinite supergroup. Commonly formed by hydrothermal or volcanic processes. The structure of datolite consists of sheets of four- and eight-membered rings of corner-sharing, alternating (HBO 4) and (SiO 4) tetrahedra, classifying it as a phyllo-borosilicate.
Strontium titanate is an oxide of strontium and titanium with the chemical formula Sr Ti O 3.At room temperature, it is a centrosymmetric paraelectric material with a perovskite structure. At low temperatures it approaches a ferroelectric phase transition with a very large dielectric constant ~10 4 but remains paraelectric down to the lowest temperatures measured as a result of quantum ...
Named after the country of its discovery, Afghanistan. Type Locality: ⓘ Ladjuar Medam, Sar-e-Sang, Koksha Valley, Kuran wa Munjan District, Badakhshan, Afghanistan. Structurally related to UM2004-48-SiO:AlClCaNaS. Visit gemdat.org for gemological information about Afghanite.
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